Monday, 30 December 2013

Day 5 - Monday 30th December

A day of well needed rest.  We walked into town today and had a look at where I used to come as a child. 
We can’t get English TV here – the satellite dish doesn’t pick up Astra 2 but we have got one which picks up BBC World News and there’s only so much of that you can watch, so tonight we’re going to watch something that I downloaded in the UK.

Not much to report here except that we have now planned our onward journey tomorrow which if we are to get to Altea tomorrow is over 350 miles – we haven’t done that much yet, but we don’t want to spend new-year’s eve on an aire and would like to get to our destination if possible.  So I’m now up-to-date with my blog and we’re having an early night tonight and leaving as soon as possible tomorrow to give us over 6 hours to get to our next destination.  Hopefully if we achieve that we will stay for some time – who knows how long.

It’s a bit more chilly than yesterday so after about 3.30 we have been confined to quarters. We did however sit outside to have lunch and it was very pleasant in the sunshine.

By the way Harry, I’ve already finished the book.  Loved the stories, some of which I had already heard, so it hasn’t lasted me until our journey south.  I’ve never had a book that’s signed by the author before so that one's not going into the book swap on any campsite.  Love to you both and see you when we get back.

Dinner in the van tonight and an early night.  Tomorrow we’re off early.  Batteries recharged and the weather forecast says it’s about 3 degrees warmer in Benidorm.

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