Monday, 15 September 2014

Lloret de Mar – Back in Spain - 8th September 2014

We arrived at the campsite Tucan and booked in for 3 nights.  The weather is hot hot hot and we’ve got a swimming pool – yippeeeeeeeeee!   It’s quite quiet here now as we are at the tail end of the season, but the activities are still being held, although we have not partaken in any yet.
The wifi is really a rip off – 1 Euro for 1 hour, 5 Euros a day, or 15 for the week.  I did get 1 Euro the other day to check our emails but since then we have found a bar a short distance away and we go there every evening on our way back from walking the dog, of course, only to pick up emails on our my tablet.  Obviously I don’t “lug” my laptop down there so I have not been posting my blog.  I might treat myself to another Euro before we move off.  Of course we’ve moved countries again so Gmail has blocked my emails again, I know that they mean well, but I’ve had to unblock it 5 times in the last month.  it’s such a pain when you only have 1 hour in the internet and have a lot to do.

Lloret de Mar seems to be split into two areas situated around  two main beaches with a very hilly bit in between. This campsite must be in the “cheap seats” as what we have seen so far is really not very attractive.  We had thought that it would be the “Benidorm of the Costa Brava” but it just doesn’t have the atmosphere. At least however it doesn’t have the high-rise blocks either. Based on what we have seen, we can’t even get enthused enough to go the 5km to the other part. I really don’t think I’ll have many pictures of this place, it’s just so uninteresting.
We’ve now decided to stay a week as it’s still quite hot further south.  So it’s a chance to top up the tan, catch up on my blog, catch up with emails and to do some “me” stuff.  By which I mean some crafting.  Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to.  It does make Iain smile as this sort of thing just leaves him cold. This is a pair of beige nubuck fit-flops that I bought off e-bay a couple of years ago for £7.50 (fit-flops are actually over £50 new and are the most comfortable flip flops you can buy).  I gave them a good scrub and decorated them with some stick-on crystals.  However the hot weather last year made the tacky glue melt and quite a few fell off.  So I removed the remaining ones (and here’s one for Debbie in Ireland), coated them with pva glue, sprinkled them liberally in glitter, and then when dry, gave them a coating of watered down pva glue to seal the glitter.  I think Iain was hoping against hope that we wouldn’t have glitter all over the van.  And voila (I don’t know the equivalent in Spanish), here they are. I’m actually pretty pleased with myself and the result.  PVA glue rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m even thinking of doing my toe-nails to match for special occasions – ha ha.

No my feet aren’t dirty – that’s a tan line from my walking sandals
We’re moving on tomorrow (Sunday 14th) to Tarragona so I’ll finish my post on Lloret de Mar then.

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