Thursday, 7 May 2015

I'm So Proud

Well, what can it be?

Today we have a General Election and we're not in the UK  to vote.  This is the first time in my adult life that I haven't voted.  I don't know what happened with our postal votes, but hey, I don't suppose two votes will make that much difference.

So what am I so proud about?

Well I remember 10 years and 2 days ago, 3 elections ago, I was in the proud position to vote for my own husband.

Personally you can call me a bit of a Philistine, I don't really get involved in politics and feel that it's something that you shouldn't discuss with friends - but then most people who say that, it's because they don't know anything - like me.  Many people vote one way because they always have and because that's what their fathers did.  However I have at least opened my eyes to listening to all the arguments put forward and can form a real opinion - well I think so.

But I can't tell you how proud I was 10 years ago when Iain stood for his party for a seat in Parliament.  He knew he didn't have a chance and could only campaign for 5 weeks, but he gave the party a candidate when they wouldn't otherwise have had one in our constituency.

It was a very frenzied and interesting 5 weeks anyway.  We went campaigning, being "warned off" by the Candidate who thought it was his right to win - it's my patch, go somewhere else - unfortunately he did win, but it came close and he was out in the next election - the secretary general. We went to the hustings where the same gentleman decided not to attend because the BNP were coming, who incidentally made a statement and left themselves.  Iain made me so proud listening to his views of what is going on. At least he had the courage of his convictions and stood up there in front of everyone and spoke coherently.

We went to vote together at our local poling station - now how could I vote for anyone else? It felt really strange ticking the box next to my husband's name.

The exciting thing was when we came to the count.  What a night - we've never stayed out so late, particularly without a drink, watching all those ballot boxes coming in and the counting happening. It must have been 4 am before we left.

Iain was quite overwhelmed, with only 5 weeks to campaign there were over 1,200 votes, but unfortunately he was behind the BNP (where are they now?).

Would it be a different story today?

Actually Iain said that apart from the kudos of being an MP and supporting his chosen party, he didn't really want to win - because he already had a full-time career and couldn't afford the pay-cut. I do know though that he would have liked the opportunity to have tried to make a difference.  Nowadays he's happy to just retire and enjoy his leisure.

So having been without TV for over 6 months, tonight, we have managed to get Sky News so that we can watch the election results - it's going to be a long night.

Personally, I don't care what politics a person chooses, I just like them if they are nice.

Hope you all get what you want, but of course some of us will be disappointed.

But I just remember that night, just over 10 years ago.

See you soon...................................

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  1. Good for you Iain, not many have the courage of their convictions.