Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Morning Blues

I've decided that there's no point in trying to stay anonymous (especially as my name is at the bottom of each post - ha ha)  in case anyone from Iain's work sees this - so what, they know now what we are planning, he just hasn't actually resigned and agreed a date yet.

At the moment we are still planning to take our booked 3 weeks holiday in September, but things change daily so we don't really know what's going on.  I doubt we will go as far as Spain for the holiday as we originally planned (watch this space).  We might just spend it in this country visiting family and friends - as long as they have a large drive for us to park on.

Well it's Monday morning again - less than 4 weeks until our holiday - and I've got to get the house sorted by then.  I should be able to do it, I've nothing else to do - Iain says.

Anyway, the boss has gone off to work and that means that I'm on my own "doing it" - no one to chivvy me up when I get my  "there's soooo much to do" head on and I hate throwing anything away.

We started on the bedroom yesterday - the normal sort -  1. Going with us, 2. Storage, 3. Charity shop and 4. Rubbish.  I still can't quite believe that we are going to live 365 days a year in something that is smaller than our bedroom. Just look at all the STUFF that came out of the wardrobe for 3 and 4 sort.

I've found clothes that screamed at me to buy them and then refused ever to talk to me again........... and shoes ................. a girl can't have too many pairs of shoes ................ unless you plan to live in a motorhome!!!!!

Yes Yes Yes I do want to do it!!!!!

So far in a week I've done my studio, my workroom and the study.  When the bedroom is done then I will move onto the kitchen.  Then the only major clear our space left will be the cellar, which is mainly full of "his" STUFF.

Until we have the house rented, we don't know what else to clear out as we are offering it anything from unfurnished to fully equipped.  But as I keep saying - we need to be ready to move in a week if necessary.

I got my own back this weekend ............ I sold his golf clubs on e-bay.

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