Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Am I losing the plot?

This is about the dog's visit to the vets.  Long story this one but stick with it, it's me eating humble pie for a change.

In August I took the dog to the vets to have her chip checked - that's a condition of her insurance.  It has to be checked within 2 weeks of going onto the continent or the insurance won't pay to sort out problems if it fails on return.

Well at that appointment I asked for an appointment on 10th October to get her rabies jab. The receptionist wrote down Tuesday 10th October for me and I was off home.

Then I realised that 10th October was a Thursday - oh 10th September is actually a Tuesday so I phoned the vet to explain that I wanted the appointment in October NOT September.  I was told that that's ok and an appointment was booked for 10th October at 9.00am.

Ok not a problem.................. until

On holiday on 10th September we got a call regarding our appointment and I explained very clearly that I had phoned to cancel the appointment and re-arranged it for 10th October - the receptionist said that she could not book  it that far in advance so would I please call one week before to make the appointment.

Ok not a problem ....................... until

I duly phone the vet this Monday 7th October to arrange an appointment for 9th October at 3.30 pm and arrange for the car for the day to get there.

 On Tuesday Iain got a text message reminder about the appointment for Wednesday at 3.30 and on Wednesday got a text message to reminder about the appointment for Thursday (10th) at 9.00am.

So I duly attended our regular Vets (Paws) at 3.30 on Wednesday. Horror - they had no appointment booked for me, nor did I have an appointment for 10th October.  What the hell was going on? Having ranted that I'd had so much trouble booking this appointment the receptionist was very apologetic and sought out a vet that would see us now.

Iain arrived at the vet to pick us up and checked his text messages - they were from "Your Vets" NOT "Paws Vets".    So all this time I'd actually been making appointments at the wrong vets.  The problem was exacerbated by the fact that Your Vets used to be Pets Vaccination Clinic and we used to be customers of theirs so they had our records. 

Well I blame it on a bad phone signal "Yours"/"Paws"  not a lot of difference and plus hormones and maybe I might have a bit of a hearing problem.

I then phoned Your vets to cancel the appointment for the following day and to apologise for not turning up today.  And did I apologise to the poor receptionist at "Paws Vets" - well yes I was magnanimous enough to apologise but I took the cowards way out and did it by email.

Never mind the dog has now had her Rabies jab and it's ok for us to take her with us - and to hopefully to get back into the country - roll on Spain!

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