Friday, 11 October 2013

Is Patience a virtue - part 2


No lease signed because no tenant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Received a very polite email yesterday advising us they they were not in a position to go ahead with the tenancy at the moment.         WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 weeks since they viewed the property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 weeks before they were desperate to move in.

Of course Mr Right is very calm about it and looking at the reasons they have given says "It might still happen, they only want to make a decision in a couple of weeks, it's not in their control".   Well Mr Right never gets rattled by anything, always calm. NEVER speculates, in fact he hates speculation, he calls the BBC News, the BBC Speculation.  When he has no control over something he just waits for things to happen and then deals with them.   He never sweats the small stuff. We still have somewhere to live, he still has a job (until the end of the year) and no-one has died. So whilst disappointed at least I don't have to throw all my stuff away - yet.

Well a couple  few glasses of consoling red wine later I was off to bed at 8 O'clock feeling a little emotional and confused - confused as a newt actually.

So as of today, we're back on the market and our dreams of full-timing will be a bit more than 7 years in the planning.

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  1. Hi guys, keeping up with your blog as well and it appears that you are having a bit of a torrid time at the moment. You have my sympathies, as you know it wasn't all plain sailing for us. However, as an incentive, if you still need a bit we have now been on the road 'Fulltiming' for 17 days and loving every minute of it. The up's and down's of the house sale are just distant memories. So, stay positive and look forward to seeing you on the road somewhere in the near future :0)