Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Is patience a virtue?

Aaaarrrrgggggg - still no lease signed..............  and until the lease is signed there is nothing certain ............... and it's only 3 weeks now until the tenants want to move in.

There was me, so na├»ve (perhaps not) thinking that when we got back from holiday that all necessary paperwork including references would be ready for us to peruse/sign so that Mr Right can resign from his job and we can be ready to move out on 31st October and head off to Spain (once we’ve visited some friends and family of course). 

And what’s happened – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  No lease ready to sign, no references taken.   What’s going wrong? 

Agent says he hasn't received the paperwork from the tenant - tenant says they've given it to them and all this time the clock is ticking.

I’m only too pleased that we are only letting and not selling – that would be 10 times more stressful – and I feel really sorry for Eric and Shazza for all the stress they went through with their house sale.  At least tenants are easier to find than purchasers – especially when you have a house that’s over 400 years old.

Although we have thrown out all the rubbish we still have to empty the house – without a lease we don’t have tenants, without tenants we don’t know what we have to get rid of or what is staying or what is going into storage – and now they have brought the date forward two days, if everything goes well,  we have less than 3 weeks to get everything sorted. I’m not prepared to empty the house and have it echoing if things go t*ts up and we are going to be staying for a while. I still think I’m in a position to be ready to go in 2 weeks if necessary.
Mr Right has been discussing his release from the company but I can’t mention that at the moment, however his boss knows that he wants to go, so I suppose there’s no going back now.
So NOTHING is sorted and NOTHING is happening – how frustrating.  The only thing I’ve done is to tell school that I can’t commit to anything after half term (4 weeks) and may be around but only on a “when it suits me” basis.

The stress is rising.  Last week Mr Always Right was complaining that we were out of soap. Of course my answer was "there's a bar in the van" meaning no need to buy a duplicate.  No he went out and bought some soap.  You may have realised that I don't like throwing anything away - so what am I going to do with 4 bars of soap.  Yes 4. Do we really have space to store 4 bars of soap that we don't need?

In the ensuing heated discussion he exclaimed "it was £1.60, throw them away if you need to! It's not like I suggested a bacon buttie from a burger bar". - you have to read "Big Momma's" blog to appreciate that one.

Then Sunday morning we were doing a concerted effort to get rid of STUFF, when it was all a bit much for me.  I don't consider myself to be a bad hoarder but that might be why I have to move frequently and I now feel very sorry for those people that you see on TV who live under piles of junk because they just can't part with it.  Anyway the cry was "stop throwing my life away!" following by floods of tears with "I don't want to go, I don't want to leave my house, I don't want to get rid of everything!!!!!!  I don't have a problem with getting rid of it all if only I didn't have to look at it.  If I could just go away for a few days and then return with it all removed I wouldn't have a problem.  We even found 6 crystal champagne glasses still in their box in a cupboard.

Anyway after about half an hour of stomping around the house I finally said "ok let's now get practical - what's going?".

I'm wondering if that's why I'm not actually getting organised enough to get the house cleared yet.  I'm still living in denial that it's actually going to happen.

It also now looks like we'll be in the UK at least until Christmas - Mr Right has to give 13 weeks notice and even if he can get released early it's unlikely that we will be away until mid December at the earliest.  By then we might as well spend Christmas here with rellies and then get on our travels. So we're looking at potential campsites near to work but WIFI is a must.  I might be giving up my house but I'm not giving up WIFI.

Oh well, got to get on, the dog has to go to the vets this afternoon for her Rabies booster - better not forget that or we'll not be taking her with us - I think not!!!!!!!


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