Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Do we react more the more we get stung?

The week before we left – Iain was stung on the inside of his lip by a wasp.  It was in his beer glass when he took a swig – lucky he didn’t swallow it.  Well it swelled up a trouper, as usual he never complains or moans (Iain never has man flu) and just got on with it but he actually looked like something out of the planet of the apes. I told people he’d had botox that had gone wrong. Poor thing it looked very sore.  Anyway a couple of days into the holiday he got bitten on the face in a row of three, probably by a mossie in the night.  I think it was because he still had the wasp sting In his bloodstream but he reacted badly.  His whole side of his face swelled up and became very hard.  So in a week he went from looking like a monkey to a chipmunk. That took a few days to go down but there doesn’t seem to be any problems since – thank goodness for anti-histamine tablets.

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