Thursday, 26 September 2013

How bad is really bad weather?

Stayed at St Jean de Mont for the week – we really liked it there.  One day I was really hot and actually thinking of going for a swim and within 4 hours was freezing – the weather just changed.  Anyway loved it there but we had to move on.  Saturday we moved onto Saumur (making our way home - sort of).  Firstly we had to dump our waste, well that was fun.  A pretty big van in a small space but with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we managed to dump and then turn around!!!! Thus saving having to reverse all the way back.  Then it was off to do some shopping and re-fuel and then about 140 miles to Saumur.  Of course life is never that easy.  I’ll pleut!!!!!! Actuallly I’ll pleut very much. I’ll pleut les chats et les chiens.   We got soaked – well Iain got soaked more!!!! I drove, he did the dumping, he did the re-fuelling, we both did the shopping.  Then he was so wet he had to get changed, 5 days later his underpants still aren’t dry – note to self – buy cheap Asda thin ones in future – also get him into sandals so that I don’t have socks to get dry. So we’d dumped, shopped and re-fuelled and it felt like some 3 hours had gone by since we left the pitch and we’d only travelled about 3 miles with about 137 left to go.  Knackered already we traversed on towards Saumur.  We decided to ignore the paeage as it was a 30 mile longer journey but that meant going through small towns in the pouring rain. It was my turn to drive.

One really lovely town by a river we came face to face with a huge tractor and a lorry following – I inched over to the right as far as I could and stopped to let them go by.  I didn’t know that I had gone up on the kerb and as I moved off there was this horrendous crunching noise.  We didn’t stop – but I would rather have liked to have known if we’d left anything behind.  I might be the scaredy-cat passenger but I have to admit that I’m the only one who’se actually crunched anything.

Well to say I’ll pleut was a gross understatement – at one point we even thought about stopping on an aire for the night – it was awful, even in our big truck we were worried about aqua-planing so it was a very slow journey, but we got there in the end.

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