Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why oh why does my dog eat grass?

Not for the squeamish this one!
At home she only has access to the patio as Iain is quite precious about his lawn and the dog would ruin it.  But while we are away she wanders around our pitch as she pleases – she’s very good and knows where the boundary is and generally stays within it.  We like it when we can let her wander and not tie her up but we are responsible – we don’t leave her out on her own and only do it if it’s quiet with no distractions for her like people walking past regularly or dogs on the pitch opposite and as long as there’s no one to annoy.  And of course we always pick up her poo!!!!!  Well my point is, in the mornings she always chomps away at the grass before breakfast.  So what you may ask? Well it always makes her sick.  She chomps away and then sits down and throws up.  We don’t like it and we’ve sort of got used to it but can’t understand why she does it.  It’s only in the morning when her stomach is empty.  Does anyone out there know why dog’s eat grass?

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