Thursday, 26 September 2013

Is this like Margate at all?

Well we drove through St Jean de Mont last year and thought it looked just like Margate – or to the northerners, Blackpool, but having stayed here it’s not –maybe it’s because we are here out of season.  There’s a fantastic fish, meat and cheese market in the centre of town that’s open 7 days a week – would have to watch the spending there but then we are OH not FT. I’m so glad that we brought the bikes.  Iain replaced the inner tube in the princess’ carriage and we were off yesterday for a long – well fairly long –bike ride.  The cycle track starts quite close to the campsite and goes through the woods, down to the beach. The seafront is long and there is a cycle track all along the promenade.  We cycled down to the next town where they allow dogs on the beach and let the princess out.  She absolutely loved it, jumping around and running in circles (that’s what she does) in the sand.  The beach is very flat here so I walked a long way out to paddle and the dog came bounding along, splashing in the sea.  It’s the first time in a week that she’s actually had a really good run. For an old girl (her passport says she’s 12) she’s quite fit, however without the carriage I don’t think she would get that far.

Back into town to get essential supplies – bread, wine and Whiskey – and then back to the campsite for lunch (the whiskey wasn’t for lunch) and to relax for the afternoon. We had originally booked in for three nights but we like it here so are now staying for the week.

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