Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How much is a pint of beer?

Honfleur is a lovely old port but very touristy. We stayed in an aire in a large car-park on the edge of the old port.  I’ve never been in such a large aire before, there were about 100 vans and nearly all had electricity. 

Settled down to watch TV – started the satellite dish off and beepbeep whurr whurr and bingo a picture.  Makes a change from before we had the mother board replaced (£375, after the fitter crimped the cable and water got in) it picks up the picture so much quicker.  Then disaster, after about 10 minutes the picture went off and it said we had no signal.  Not playing at all.  Then it just starts going round and round like a whirling dervish and we give up. No TV this trip then. Bloody thing, it’s now cost us over 2 grand and we still can’t watch TV. We reckon that’s at least £3 per hour that it’s cost us so far. I wouldn’t even pay that for the internet.

Well don’t let it spoil our holiday! That’s not a problem, we’ll sort it when we get home, it’s about time we stopped being dependant on TV when we are away – after all we won’t be able to get it in Spain. We’ll just have to play crib.  Tonight I went one up!!!!

In the morning, the aire cleared away and filled up again.  Honfleur is very beautiful and the aire was a fairly short walk to the port.

Lots of galleries and shops and bars so we settled down for a drink and then got the bill. Un pression (half pint) and un grande pression (one pint) just a shade under 13 euros. HOW MUCH????????????? Yes that’s right.  Those immortal words were spoken “We won’t be doing this when we’re full timing, that’s half our daily food and drink budget on one drink!”

After two nights in Honfleur it was time to move on.  First thing to do was to get gas.  Something we had not done in France before.  Another new experience to get used to – the gas fittings are different in France and we hadn’t used ours before.  So off to Arramance we go.

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