Tuesday, 17 September 2013

On holiday or Full-Timing? (OH or FT?)

Was this to be our last holiday or a rehearsal for full-timing.  Well the rehearsal has been going on for 7 years and it’s nearly here so this should be our last proper holiday before the budget kicks in.

Whilst I plan to post regularly when we are full-timing, I haven’t posted for a while because we have actually been on holiday and I didn’t want to publish to the world that our house would be empty for 3 weeks.  Yes 3 weeks which were planned ages ago.  The only difference is that if we are to go to Spain for the winter then we would stay in France for the holiday. Also, the techie has done something to her laptop and can’t get onto the internet anyway!!! More about that later.

Since last posting, everything has happened quite quickly.  Firstly we had a prospective tenant for the house and he wanted to move in the day after we would get back from holiday – so it was a good job that we couldn’t come to an agreement on the price - £500 under the asking price is rather low to pitch, even for a rental and he wouldn’t meet us half-way, so we parted company.  Then just the next day we had another viewing and they loved the house and can’t wait to move in.  Well that was two days before the holiday!!!!!  So needless to say we haven’t signed anything up and are hoping that when we get back from holiday they will not have changed their minds and it will all happen smoothly.  Funnily enough they want the house from the time that we want to move out, so that has also fallen into place.  So all being well the target of 1st November is on, it’s just down to Mr. Right’s exit plan from work.

So there we were packing for 3 weeks, the ferry booked and some vague plan to go to Normandy and then who knows where, depending on the weather.

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